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How do I start with social media?
How do I grow my brand visibility?
How do I find new customers?
How do I convert prospects?
How do I create a website that ranks in Google?
We can help.
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EDGE is an international digital marketing agency, based in Monaco, with over fifteen years experience helping companies grow.

Every Click Counts - We build brands through strategic communications and strategic connections leveraging digital marketing channels.

We help you grow by building and sharing your brand message through handcrafted search engine optimised (SEO) websites, targeted social media campaigns. email campaigns and video campaigns.

Action Plan - Working with you, we will develop a plan of action for a short term immediate response and/or a longer term strategy.

Social Media Campaigns - We create clever social media marketing campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Video Campaigns - We create beautiful videos and snappy animations to entertain and capture your audience.

Email Campaigns - We create sophisticated, sassy or serious email campaigns, depending on the best fit strategy for your business. Email templates are hand crafted, designed and tested across all modern devices and email readers.

Email Campaigns for Outlook - For Outlook, to ensure your brand looks good in every mail box, we develop email templates that are backwards compatible.

This is especially important for your audiences working in large companies that do not upgrade frequently. Many designers/developers do not take the extra time to do this and oftentimes do not have the expertise.

SEO - We design and development websites that are search engine friendly and search engine optimised (SEO) from the ground up.

Google Ranking - We design and development for high Google search rankings. This means your website will be mobile friendly, fast loading, cross browser / backwards compatible, and standards based. This makes sure Google is happy and you receive high search rankings.

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Who Is Behind The Scenes?


Tracy Rohan, founder of EDGE is a creative-techie with a background in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), an entrepreneur with expertise in strategic marketing and communications, business development, and a penchant for smart technology and smart solutions, with particular focus on #Fintech and #CleanTech for the environment.

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Our Big Goal

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To create the largest social media networking hub in Monaco. If you are interested in joining, contact me!

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How Do We Grow Your Brand?

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What Techniques Do We Use?

We simplify your message and love to design and develop beautiful websites that engage across smartphones, tablets, iPads and desktops.

Social Media Matters

Social media visibility counts. Join the chatter, or at least, be accessible on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, the primary contenders.

Thought Leadership

Create animated visuals to capture the imagination and engage your audience. Share what you know. Shine a light on your brilliance!

Your Brand Colors & Branding

Reinforce your branding. We organize and simplify your message, then apply your colors and branding and roll it out across devices.

Mobify Your Site

Ensure your site is accessible via tablets, smartphone and phones. Sites are designed and coded cross-browser and cross device, mobile first.

Website Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics. Monitor your site traffic, identify and optimize your top pages, and track visitor engagements (click-to-calls, form submissions, and location searches).

Capture Leads With Forms

Capture leads with custom landing pages and forms. Fully customizable, mobile-optimized forms for your website.

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What Technologies Do We Use?

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Multiple-resolution-friendly web design. Some of the best practices you've probably already heard about include:

100% Responsive Web Design

Targeting a series of device-specific resolutions with breakpoints e.g. phones at 320px - 480px, tablets at 768px - 1024px, 1200px+ for desktop.


Each design is hand crafted with love. Only using best practice standards to enhance your unique message.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Google favors websites that load fast and are well coded. Design and code is search engine optimized from scratch.

Accessible & HTML5 + CSS3

Minimal, clean, light code. Built with accessibility in mind, meaning that everything works on screen readers and with JavaScript disabled, too.

User-friendly CMS

Edit your content from your smart phone. Create and edit your message with a simple and easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

Golden Grid

Designing with the Golden Ratio Fibonacci method. Placing content where it receives appropriate attention and designing around it progressively.

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Press and Media Campaign

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A few mentions:

EDGE is an international company with clients in New York, London, Dublin and Monaco.

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